Cultivate Community Church - Lakewood Construction

Cultivate Community Church


Start Date
July 2020
Completion Date
March 2021
Lakewood Construction
Project Supervisor
Scott Hatfield


From the beginning of the architecture process, future programming was a vital part of the design of their new church facility. With a long list of ideal programming spaces, it quickly became apparent that different options were going to have to be rigorously explored in order to meet their budget requirements while also providing a space that would last for years to come.

With a limited budget, we looked at programming through the lens of both practicality and opportunity. This meant diving into: shared spaces, program scheduling, and future additions. Each room was designed to have a variety of uses in order to maintain a smaller building size, keeping the project within budget. We utilized our construction experts to continuously check budget and constructubility with each change.

In addition to normal sunday programming, we studied the opportunities for further programming such as day care, after school programs, alternative school, and more. Through flexible spaces and moveable walls, we were able to design a space that allowed for the additional programming without significantly altering design and budget.

Originally hired for only Architecture, with project progression, we were able to contract the construction portion as well. Through high collaboration, we were able to complete this project, including the additional programming, within 1% of the original project budget.