West Shore Design | New Office & Manufacturing Facility - Lakewood Construction

West Shore Design | New Office & Manufacturing Facility


Start Date
September 2017
Completion Date
May 2018
Maxam Architecture | Grand Rapids, MI
Project Supervisor
Steve Vork


West Shore Design is a 25,000-square-foot industrial building that combines office staff, design and engineering staff, and warehouse space all under one roof.

From the beginning, the owner’s main goal was to build for today and plan for tomorrow. Even though the building design is more than sufficient to house the company’s needs of today, they wanted to ensure they had space to grow. There were a few challenges we faced right from the start.

The proposed building was partly in the 100-year flood plain which was a major issue because part of the growth plan was inside this foot print. The solution was to dig a wet pond in the back of the property instead of a dry pond. This allowed us to take sand from this area and raise the building, as well as the planned addition out of the flood plan. This solution had relatively little impact on the project cost and gave the owner’s great peace of mind for the future.

In order to meet their goal of planning for tomorrow was their need in having Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) flooring. ESD flooring presents a challenge in being installed properly to ensure its functionality, and in availability going forward. We worked through the challenges and were able to install this flooring for today and for tomorrow.

Lakewood was able to self-performed carpentry and also installed the unique flooring, the project has been a complete success. All parties are left with a feeling that West Shore Design is set up not only for today but for the future, as well.