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What I wish They Knew About Skilled Trades

Guest Post: DHE Plumbing & Mechanical

For many years, skilled trade positions have been seen as a plan b or c career. However, while working in the office may be the right path for some, it certainly isn’t for everyone. So why are so many people pushed toward the narrative that if they don’t go to college, they somehow won’t do as well in life?

Somewhere out there, there is a great plumber or electrician sitting in an office at a job they don’t enjoy because they thought that is what they had to do to be successful. What if those same people were given the opportunity to understand their career options beyond the classroom? This is the reason I have attended many high school career days over the years. Students have the chance to select a profession and learn more about what that may look like. But so often, I end up with sessions that have only 2-3 students (and many with zero) that want to hear about the trades industry. I wish I could shout from a mountain top what makes this industry great so that more students could excel in a career that they truly enjoy.

Here is what I wish they knew:

  1. Many trade contractors in the area (including DHE) offer great benefits packages. This includes family health insurance, yearly bonuses, and an employer 401K match.
  2. Just like any office job, our tradesmen receive paid training and paid vacation. We understand the importance of work-life balance and ensuring everyone is continuously learning.
  3. Variety! No day is the same on a jobsite. From new schools to breweries to skyscrapers, tradesmen get to experience working on a long list of spaces that all need their specialized skills.
  4. Want to travel?  We have completed the Penguin Exhibit at the Turtleback Zoo, the Jelly fish exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium and even a mangrove exhibit in Dubai.  YES, that is plumbing!

Just like every other industry, we need highly talented people. While the path may look different than what is expected, we know you can have a successful life-long career in a skilled trades position.