Graves Hall Renovation & Restoration | Hope College - Lakewood Construction

Graves Hall Renovation & Restoration | Hope College


$4.6 Million
Completion Date
July 2009
FTC&H, Grand Rapids, MI
ABC|WMI Chapter 2010 Excellence in Construction


“The craftsmanship exhibited by Lakewood’s own carpenters was exceptional and set the standard for the rest of the trades. Lakewood coordinated all aspects of this project with precision and attention to detail…a remarkable feat considering all of the unknowns going into this historic renovation and adaptation project.”
Greg Maybury, Director of Operations

Constructed in 1894, Graves Hall holds the honor of being the oldest building at Hope College and stands proudly at the campus’ historical gateway entrance. Several renovations over the years and changes in use, Lakewood was hired to complete what was referred to as an “adaptive restoration” and bring the facility into a modern era while retaining its original glory.

Full accessibility to the building was accomplished by adding an elevator in the new addition. To bring the building together, stone quarried in Ohio was cut and shaped to match the original Waverly stone of the existing building. Lakewood’s own craftsmen meticulously replaced original woodwork; Wainscot, window sills, and molding with oak woodwork to exactly match the original details. The structure of the attic was reinforced to house and isolate the new mechanical equipment.

Electrical systems were moved and housed in a new stone enclosure. The roof system was cut back to restore it to its original state. Historical features of the building’s interior covered up by previous renovations or destroyed over the years was uncovered, restored, and returned to its original appearance.

The 20,400-sf Graves Hall houses five classrooms, the 163-seat Winants Auditorium, the Presidents’ Room, a conference room, and the Schoon Meditation Chapel.