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Together We Build

Lakewood is known as a builder of teams—ones that look out for each other, communicate well, and go out of their way to keep you informed.


Looking for answers? We’re here to help.


Making Life Simple

Whether it’s speeding up project delivery, keeping an eye on costs, or having a single point of contact, we’re here to simplify the commercial construction process.

Easy Button

Once the planning process is complete, hit the easy button and let our experts put the plan into action.

Always Looped In

With regular meetings and consistent communication, our team will ensure you’re always up to speed.

Only the Best

From the initial groundbreaking to the finishing touches, expect nothing less than best-in-class quality.

How Would You Like To Work With Us?

There are three ways we can oversee your next project. Reach out to learn more about which is the best fit for you.


This is one of the most efficient and popular ways to utilize Lakewood. In this option, design and construction services are all under our roof. With a single point of contact and responsibility, your project timeline/budget is often significantly decreased.


Here, design and construction services are hired separately. As your builder, Lakewood would have a guaranteed maximum budget. If that amount is exceeded, it is our responsibility. This makes the accurate scheduling and budgeting of our Pre-Construction process all the more important to you. Note that this type of contract is usually more collaborative than the General Contractor approach.


GC is the most traditional contract type within the commercial construction industry. Here, design and construction services are hired separately. Once the design documentation process is completed, the project goes out to contractors to bid. Unlike Design/Build, you would carry the risk for any scope/timeline challenges not foreseen in the design documentation.