Kid's Food Basket - Lakewood Construction

Kid’s Food Basket


Start Date
November 2019
Completion Date
April 2020
Lakewood Construction


Kid’s Food Basket is a West Michigan based non-profit that helps to nourish children living at or near the proverty level by providing evening meals. This allows the children in our community to thrive academically and personally.

With an ever growing need to provide more meals to more kids, Kid’s Food Basket was looking for a permanent space to serve the Ottawa and Allegan area schools. Previously operating out of a local church, they needed to have more space that they could call their own in order to begin to increase the amount of schools served.

With a limited budget, we worked with them to understand their goals and needs so that we could create a space that served both operational and community needs. The renovation of an existing space has now provided them with the critical space needed for additional volunteers, walk-in refrigerators, meeting space, and much more.

Through regular communication and a highly collaborative approach, the Kid’s Food Basket renovation project came in on time and on budget.

Immediately upon arrival, the Kid’s Food Basket team was able to provide evening meals to an additional three schools in our community.