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The Value of Architecture in Project Outcome

Max Nykerk | Architect

Throughout the course of any commercial construction project, the right team plays a significant role in the outcome of the project. What most people don’t realize, is that each team member can have an impact throughout the entire project, as well as for years to come. One specific team member is your Architect, as they can add value to the project outcome outside of design.

  1. Planning 
    A vital part of any project is the planning; this is where Architects can have a significant impact on the outcome of the project. In this phase they can work with you to understand your operations wants, needs, goals, and future growth. All of these things are important to know and keep top of mind for the following phases. They can also work with the other team members to ensure that all details work together for a successful project.
  2. Design
    This is the phase that everyone is most familiar with. But what additional benefits can they truly bring? The first is making sure that the fit, feel, and function of your new space not only aligns with your needs but most importantly with your budget. Design can make or break the budget and it is important to have an Architect that always keeps this top of mind. The second is that your new space has the flexibility to change with both company growth as well as environmental changes. This means you can be confident knowing you will be able to have space that works for you for many years to come.
  3. Construction
    The construction portion of any project is largely impacted by the work of the Architects. High quality drawings provide a clearly communicated product and process to the field team ensuring that you get exactly what was planned and budgeted. Quality upfront also ensures that you save money in the long run with the least amount of changes necessary as they impact cost and schedule.
  4. Culture
    Employee retention and employee morale are important in any business. Architects have the ability to influence both of these things through creative design solutions. Using things such as natural light and color can change the overall feel of the space in a positive way. Having the right type of space for performance can also enhance employee morale and is done through things like having the right balance of space, light, and materials.

As you can see, an Architect impacts many different parts of a construction project. Hiring the right Architect to work alongside your construction management company can help ensure that you get the best value for your investment.