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DESIGN|BUILD: A Culture of Collaboration

Nick Nykerk, President

In today’s working environment, many business owners understand the benefits of employing a culture of collaboration within their organizations—regardless of whether team members work in the same office or thousands of miles apart.

You get it—the culture of collaboration in your own organization has had amazing results on the bottom line; but, your operation needs to expand to keep the momentum growing and your return on investment solid and secure—and, it needs to happen fast.

The amount of time and energy required to interview and hire design and construction professionals will take some time; maybe more time than what you can afford. Not only is the clock ticking; but, collaboration on your design/construction team is of importance to you, as well.

What’s the best solution for your needs, and how do you ensure collaboration is built into the design and construction process?

Growing in popularity as a result of being cost-effective and time-efficient is the design|build delivery method. Unlike the traditional design|bid|build concept, design| build brings design and construction together as one team in a single contractual entity to the owner.

The following gives an overview of why the design|build delivery method works and is gaining traction as the construction delivery method of choice these days:

  1. Collaboration
    The design|build team, and the owner work together toward the same goal—to complete a successful project that meets or exceeds expectations and is delivered on schedule and within the established budget.
  2. Accountability
    When the same team that designs the project also builds it, there’s much more attention given to pricing and schedule early on in the design phase.
  3. Efficiency
    When an owner opts for design|build, it adds an inherent efficiency and effectiveness to the process, and the probability of something being overlooked is greatly diminished. By creating a single point of accountability, it keeps schedules and budgets on track and produces higher-quality results in less time than traditional methods.
  4. Expertise
    Design|build teams are experts in both design and construction. There is a huge benefit in working with architects that think like builders and builders that think like architects. They have experience with general construction and most likely have strong, lasting partnerships with dependable trades and vendors.
  5. Trusted Advisor
    Design and construction should be exciting, not chaotic. As a trusted advisor, the design|build team guides the way toward the best possible outcome. Design|build creates opportunities for an owner to contemplate major decisions, ask questions, and consider the options.
  6. Transparency
    Transparency is essential because most owners want to understand and be involved in the building process. Design|build promotes a culture of collaboration and communication that isn’t always present in traditional contracting arrangements.

When it comes down to it, effective collaboration is really about trust and care for one another—whether it be in your own organization or within your design/construction team—which makes the design|build construction delivery process a true culture of collaboration.